Ratti Entertainment, Inc. signed many up and coming artists and released over 12 albums in which several hit the billboard charts. When the overseas market got in the picture, sales skyrocketed. The film industry began to take notice of the company's rapid success and offers for both movie and commercial deals were thrown its way. Ratti Entertainment, Inc. produced songs on soundtracks which went gold and platinum.


The company soon made another transition into the film industry. Owen's first film project a psychological thriller entitled Unstable Minds, which he co-produced with director Surinda Singh.

Ratti's founder Owen Ratliff, in an effort to create more opportunities for Midwest talent, decided to share his experience and knowledge while expanding their resources. Thus the Midwest Music, Movie & Model Expo "Chasing the Dream" was born. Set in Columbus and surrounding cities, the concept behind this networking conference was to educate and expose upcoming talent to the inside workings of the entertainment industry. Guest speakers from Los Angeles and New York joined Owen on this venture, offering the Midwest a direct link to the big wigs on both coasts.

Ratti Entertainment, Inc. has been working on a new film franchise entitled Black Saltfor the past 5 years and is now in the last phase of development. The franchise includes, but will not be limited to, the following Black Salt collectible items: the Apparel line, Comic books, Trading cards, Toys, Animated Series, Video games and Film trilogy. In addition the Company will be heading back to the studio to start working on the new double CD compilation album project entitled "Midwest Funk Volume 4".

You can learn more about Ratti Entertainment, Inc. by visiting the follow web page: www.rattientertainment.com





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