Laura Ipjian

Family & Child Pschyology, Columnist

laura ipjianLaura M. Ipjian resides in Chicago, Illinois. She holds an undergraduate degree from Florida Atlantic University in Media and Communication, with a minor in Classical Cultural Studies.  Currently, she is a graduate student at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology working towards a Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology with a specialty in Children and Adolescence.  Laura's education won't be complete upon receiving her Master’s degree, as she intends to pursue a doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Laura has worked for major corporations such as The Walt Disney Company in their Training and Development area, and later in Marketing and Customer Satisfaction at the McDonald’s Corporation in Chicago, Illinois. Working in the corporate world helped to pave the way and create the life experiences that she believes she needed to thrive in the field of psychology.

Laura would like to use her background in media and combine it with her experience and knowledge of psychology in order to teach others about different parenting techniques, ways to approach situations with their children, and advise others about personal relationships.

Laura enjoys traveling and has been fortunate to be able to travel to many different countries of the world.  Her favorite countries to visit are Italy and Norway.  Whenever Laura has a moment we will find her on a plane ready to discover something new.  In her spare time Laura enjoy's running and working out as fitness is a very essential part of her life along with eating healthy, making Kid Kulinaire a perfect outlet for all her passions. Laura also enjoys dining with friends and family, discovering new foods and restaurants.  When Laura is not running or traveling, she spends time with her two nieces who are two and four years old.      







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