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Frank is a Master Chef, trained by the best culinary masters the world has ever known. He takes his job very seriously, sometimes too seriously.

Frank gets his name from being direct when he teaches. He represents the parental figure, in the teaching and guidance portion of Kid Kulinaire. Frank is Floppy's chef instructor and can be too direct at times, forgetting his apprentice is a kid. Frank may have a hard exterior, but deep down, he's a softy.

floppy clear back

Floppy is pure happiness and is always a bundle of good-natured fun. Floppy represents the child apprentice portion of Kid Kulinaire, with fun food segments. You can always count on Floppy to spread his contagious joy to everyone. Floppy is Frank's little apprentice who can drive him crazy at times.

ray clear back


Ray is a cool cat who loves music and good people too. He represents the segment dedicated to a masculine male role model. With Ray on board, Kid Kulinaire is sure to lead many healthy activities and athletic trends.

super-bBrain loves doing good deeds. With the twist of his wrapper, Brain goes from an ordinary 5 year old little brother into "Super B," a super hero who looks out for others, helping them to understand how we can all make healthier choices. A super hero worthy of his cape and mask. Brain/"Super B" is a crucial element to Kid Kulinaire's nutrition segment teaming up with his best friend Doughy to teach healthy eating.

kiran clear backKiran is a brainiac with dance moves to match. She represents the segments in Kid Kulinaire dedicated to a feminine role model. Kiran always keeps the crew in line.

doughyDoughy is the lover of all things sweet, especially doughnuts. Doughy was once a tan crayon, but could not control his habits and cravings. He teaches by showing us in silly ways how to see what mistakes we make in food and exercise and how we can change. Doughy is a crucial element to Kid Kulinaire's nutrition segment teaming up with "Super B" to teach healthy eating, not knowing it is really his best friend "B."

Toast clear backToast is fearless and a bit singed. A trait that has led him to many injuries. Toast obviously represents the kitchen safety portion of Kid Kulinaire, always ready to literally jump in and show kids and their parents what not to do. His toon antics will make you laugh but also never forget what safety lessons they have learned.





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