After-School Programs

This program is geared towards providing community centers, churches, schools and other organizations that have an after-school program with the tools, training and materials to initiate an active environment in food, nutrition and fitness.  This program is designed to be intergrated with an existing program or used as a stand-alone program.

The program will include a two-part DVD series, including subjects such as safety, science, fitness, nutrition, etc.  Also included are recipes, videos, games and a growing list of products to help support you.  

DVD #1 will include the lesson plans for the teacher, as well as an instructional section on how to use the program.  This DVD will also include all the printed materials.

DVD #2 is the interactive program used for the children, based on age groups.  

Age group 1 is for young children and is cartoon based.  Age group 2 is for middle aged children and is a mixture of cartoon and live adult action.  Age group 3 is for the young teenager and is a mixture of live adult action and animation.

This is a licensed program.  Please contact us for details and pricing.


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