A Kid's Tale


Alysia, an imaginative nine year old, has been interested in the culinary arts almost since she could walk. Alysia was introduced to the wonderful world of food and fitness through her mother, who made family time an opportunity to teach and share with her daughter. Alysia's love for cooking began as she would watch, and later help, her mother prepare delicious, healthy foods.

Her mother works hard to maintain a balanced life for the two of them between work, school, fun activities, fitness, and healthy food. Her mom makes it fun and interesting. Together they read recipes they find online and in cookbooks borrowed from the library. They also enjoy watching cooking shows on TV, and when they cook together, they pretend that they have their own show like her favorite TV chef, Chef Brian.

Like her Mom, Chef Brian loves good food and has a fun and creative approach to culinary arts. Alysia learned that Chef Brian frequents the gym where her mother works. She hopes to one day meet him and tell him about her dream of running a chef school called Kid Kulinaire, teaching families just like he does on TV.  In her mind, Alysia creates Kid Kulinaire, an imaginary school that introduces others to the fun and amazing world of cooking.

Alysia's mother encouraged her to write Chef Brian a letter to tell him about her idea. Chef Brian loved her idea and shared it with his close friend who is a producer on his show. Alysia was thrilled to learn that her favorite chef was so interested in her idea that he would try to make her dream become a reality.

Alysia brings her imagination to life, with the help of characters based on people she knows like Chef Frank (Tall Chef Hat) and Floppy (Soft Chef Hat) together with many more fun characters. Together they embark on this new adventure; teaching others how to make healthy food choices, introducing fun fitness ideas and creative ways to learn while spending time as a family.

So, to our new chef apprentices, we welcome you all to the Kid Kulinaire chef school! Where your imaginations meet reality. Family. Food. Fitness. Fun!


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