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What's in a Family?

Written by  John Brown - Kid Kulinaire Columnist
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Webster’s dictionary defines family as: “A group consisting of parents and children living together in a household.” Families have changed over my life span; today’s “modern” family does not always consist of the “traditional” definition of two parents and their children.

I, for one, was raised in a “non-traditional” family that is not defined by Webster. My belief is that we are all family and should treat each other as such! In living by this simple philosophy, I teach it to my own family so that they, too, will pass this on to future generations to come.

When I was growing up in Eastern Ohio, I was raised by my Grandma where we had a diverse home, to say the least. There were lots of neighborhood kids, cousins, and other friends of the family staying with us under the same roof. We ate all meals together, shared life and daily events with one another. As far as I was concerned, this was my family--not separated by blood or marriage, just people who love each other and have a desire to share life with one another!

The traditional nuclear family still does exist--and as well it should--but maybe, just maybe we can live for something much greater then ourselves! LOVE!


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