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Let's Go Hiking! Featured

Written by  Heather Taskovics - Kid Kulinaire Editor-in-Chief
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Winter has passed and the weather has finally warmed up, allowing us to get outside and enjoy that which Mother Nature has provided.  So why not grab the kids and go for a fun hike through the woods?

Out in the Wilderness???

When many of us think of hiking, we think of these huge treks through the unknown and braving the elements, while going uphill…both ways!  Hiking need not be this intense—it’s actually easier to do than you think.  And it’s lots of fun!

Yes, you can go mountain hiking (and there are lots of family-friendly trails out there), but for those with small children, your best bet is to find flatter trails in and around your local, state and national parks.  There are a variety of websites that can help you find the best trails near you, but this is one that I like to use:

Why Hiking Really IS a Good Idea

If you’re not quite convinced that hiking is such a good idea, how about this:

  1. Hiking is a great way to get outside and enjoy nature
  2. It’s a fun way to get exercise while spending quality time as a family
  3. You and your children can use the time to learn about nature and study the flora and fauna (plants, trees, flowers, animals, bugs, etc.).  This is especially valuable for those who home-school.

If that doesn’t inspire you to throw on a pair of hiking boots and get walking outside in the Great Outdoors, then discover what Jannine Myers over at has to say about it:

Make Sure Everyone is Fed and Watered

When you do go hiking, it is important to remember to bring water and food—especially for longer hikes.  There’s a super-delicious granola recipe over at that is wicked easy to make and the kids will love it!

So what are ya waiting for???  Get out there and GO HIKING!

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