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Energy Bars

Energy Bars

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Energy Bars: A healthy lunch or snack on the run.

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Brian David Robinson, creator of Kid Kulinaire, and Jhon Benavides, founder of JB Studios, have teamed up to take Kid Kulinaire to the next step with our newest program, Kid Fun Fit™.


We are proud to announce that Kid Kulinaire is launching the first Kid Fun Fit™ children’s fitness classes and Multicultural Martial Arts™ kids' classes at JB Dance and Fitness Studios in Orlando, Florida ( starting November 4th at 5pm.  Class times and dates will be updated monthly at both Kid Kulinaire and JB Studios. Our Kid Fun Fit™ program launch is the first of many to come as we continue to spread our brand throughout the nation.  All children’s programs include free memberships to


Brian David Robinson has trained in several styles of martial arts and has a Master ranking. He will be personally involved in the classes to ensure success with the program.  The Multicultural Martial Arts™ kids’ classes has the love and support of the Silent Dragon System with Grand Master Mike P. Glynn, Black Lotus Martial Arts Association, and Black Dragons with Shihan Don Miskel.


Jhon Benavides has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and brings extensive experience in Latin dance and fitness training. Originally from Bogota, Columbia, Jhon believes in approaching the body as a whole; focusing not only on improving the physical condition of their members, but also the mental well-being.  In addition, Jhon will provide the necessary tools to develop healthy lifestyles and strive to make a difference in kids’ lives; enabling them to become happier and feel better about themselves.


JB Studios Dance and Fitness provides lifestyle coaching and was created to help improve both the physical and mental quality of life of their members through dance and exercise in a fun, educational, and professional environment.  The focus is on youth development and a healthy family lifestyle, while encouraging a philosophy of honesty, respect, fairness, and passion.


JB Studios - “Your Choice, Your Lifestyle!!!”


Kid Kulianire - “For Families That Make Healthy Choices”





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Tuesday, 15 October 2013 23:33

Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

Every year, the holidays get more and more hectic; we rush to get to work, to eat, to get home, to take the kids to school, help with their homework, then we rush to bed.  Then we worry:  Do we have enough to pay the bills?  How can we afford to buy all the gifts?  How can we make enough time to attend all the family events?  While we are going through all of that and much more we don't eat right because we are running everywhere.  The next thing you know…WE GET SICK!

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013 11:04

Kale: Deliciously Nutritious

Have you ever heard of the astounding benefits of Lacinato (AKA Dinosaur, or Dino) Kale? Interested in improving optical (eye) functioning? Improving blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight retention, while helping to reduce or eliminate the potential of cancer development?


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Monday, 01 July 2013 09:19

Pick Your Own Healthy Snacks

Summertime is a great time for produce. But rather than going to your local grocery store to purchase berries that were shipped from hundreds of miles away, you can go pick your own at a local farm!

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